Cooliris: in-depth tour of innovative Silicon Valley company

They do 3D ads. Videowalls that make anything on Google look boring. Catalogs that are beautiful.

I keep hearing good things about Cooliris and their team, so I wanted to get an in-depth look at this great company. Here it is. Quite long, if you watch all three videos, but there’s a ton of good stuff in here.

It’s split into three pieces:

Part I: LiveShare is a media-sharing experience (think about Color, but this app actually works). Sorry, my audio had some glitches toward the end of this part.
Part II: Immersive 3D advertisements (great for something like Zite or Flipboard).
Part III: Decks, a new buying experience on the iPad.

Thanks to CEO Soujanya Bhumkar, and his team members who gave me such a great look.


6 thoughts on “Cooliris: in-depth tour of innovative Silicon Valley company

  1. That’s 3 really cool products in an indepth showcase. I especially like decks and the motivation behind it – getting rid of dumb print catalogues. I also like how Mayank and Soujana, the co-founders had faith in their staff (product managers) to showcase the products, and answered when necessary and helped guide them.

    Scoble – do more of these! Mix up the shorter videos with occasional long form one.





    Gooles’s uncontested monopoly over the on-line advertising kingdom will soon be disrupted by new product-search and product-pricing plays that will commoditize Google’s cash cow.

    Large, integrated, cross-industry, consumer centered product-search and product-pricing networks which empower customers to proactively PULL in product-information, quality-interactive-demos, brand-pricing, brand-recommendations and purchase location information all build around an immersive, completely buyer centered, user experience are long over due. These, customer motivated, customer initiated product information systems will demolish the old, PUSH it in their faces, product advertisements methods that the public has learned to largely block out.

    I am thinking here of systems like Cooliris’s “Decks”. A product presentation system that facilitates named, purpose driven, “Decks”(catalogues) of animated, 3D, interactive product presentations. Each purposefully-nameable “Deck”(catalogue) of product presentations is assembled around a customer’s express product evaluation goals, targeted product/service category, product feature needs, pricing constraints, timing constraints, product ratings and/or purchase intent.

    This puts the consumer in the driver’s seat. Customers proactively search for and PULL down product presentation/Demo “Decks”(catalogues) to suit their legitimate, self motivated, self targeted needs.

    This disinter-mediates the producer-consumer relationship to mutual advantage. Consumers really only enjoy company/products advertising info within the context of their immediate needs. That is the moment at which product/branding information is golden to both parties. This is when advertising itself becomes a value added product.

    I hate in your face advertising but love Cooliris’s product-info/demo “Decks”(catalogues) of user defined, user targeted, purpose driven product presentation card stacks.

    Cooliris provides tools to build these targeted product presentation card “Decks”(catalogues). They even have an on-line editor to build simple product presentation “Decks”(catalogues).

    I sure hope companies like Cooliris are smart enough to build out dedicated advertising search engines that empower consumers to dynamically assemble product presentation/demo “Decks”(catalogues) targeted around each customers unique product needs and purchase intent.

    I don’t want to be pestered by Google’s pervasive, incessant, ineffective, advertisement misquotes buzzing around my visual cortex every where I go. Give me an effective product-info search-engine and I will gladly patronize advertisements as a valid, valued added, product.

    Web sites can monetize this approach by posting image or text based advertisement-search-engine-links with search terms that effectively target their visitors interests and intent by returning uniquely focused product-info/demo “Decks”(catalogues).

    BTW I have absolutely on connection to Cooliris. Their product is simply the first product I have come across that could fill this obvious vacuum in the world of on-line advertisement.

    To Cooliris (very KOOL name by the way) please do not sell out to Google. Keep faith in the long term value of your products and don’t get robbed!


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