Rackspace releases new open source iPad/iPhone app for sys admins to run their Web empire, first look

For sys admins who want to have a life, here’s your life saver. Rackspace, today, released a new version of its Rackspace Cloud iPhone and iPad app, which lets you run your web empire on the Rackspace Cloud. Here I interview the developer who built it, Mike Mayo.

You can do a whole bunch of things, like start up 10 servers all from one server. Or use Chef to build entire systems all from recipes, or templates. There’s a new passcode lock to keep your kids from messing with your web servers if they find your iPad. Plus it adds AirPlay support, so you can show your mom photos or videos you’ve stored on your Rackspace Cloud servers on her Apple TV. It’s OpenSource too.

Oh, and we’re looking for more kickass mobile developers like Mike Mayo. If you’re one, let us know!

Disclaimer: I’m a full-time employee of Rackspace.