Developers: a new kind of IDE arrives in Cloud9 (First look!)

Programmers, you should check this out. Cloud9 IDE has the biggest innovation in IDEs since Microsoft brought us Visual Basic: everything runs on the cloud.

It’s “development as a service.”

What does that mean? Well, instead of coding in text files sitting on your computer, you code directly in the browser window. Here Rik Arends, CTO, and Ruben DaniĆ«ls, CEO, show me how it works and explains what it’s good for.

“It’s aimed at developers who want to use the new stuff,” they say.

What do you think? Will you build with it?


First look: Bizzy, lets you “check out” of restaurants and review them

One of the things I loaded on my iPhone this week in preparation for SXSW is Bizzy, which is a new location-based app that will help you find businesses near you. Sort of like a cross between Foursquare and Yelp. But they have an interesting idea, called “check out” where you review the restaurant or business as you “check out” of a place. Foursquare lets you “check in,” which tells people and the service itself that you’re there.

Anyway, here the founders of Bizzy Ryan Kuder, VP of Marketing, and Gadi Shamia, CEO, show it to us.

Ready for iPad2: Flipboard’s CEO, Mike McCue, exclusive video interview

Flipboard CEO, Mike McCue

Mike McCue has had quite a year. Since launching last year he’s:

1. Won Apple’s best iPad app of the year award.
2. Been on Oprah.
3. Racked up more than a million downloads.
4. Been named to Twitter’s board of directors.

Tonight Flipboard released a new version that adds a few new features:

1. Instagram photo support.
2. Much faster performance (and that’s before the iPad 2 comes along, which will double speed).
3. Make it easier to discover new content via searches.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what will come this year from Flipboard as they start rolling in new filtering and discovery technology that they purchased with the Ellerdale Project acquisition they made.

In the 30-minute interview Mike talks about the new competition that Flipboard is seeing and also explains how they will do advertising and where they are heading.

Toward the end of the interview Mike takes us around the office and introduces us to what everyone is doing.