The good and bad of Twitter’s new design (exclusive video of press conference)

I was just at Twitter’s headquarters where they announced a new design. I have the only video of the press conference. You can watch here:

I’ll have a deeper post on the good and bad later, but here’s my first impressions:

Overall design: good. I like this overall.
Keyboard shortcuts: good. That makes reading down lists, homepage, and retweet pages a lot faster.
Threaded conversations: good, but could be more.
Retweet page: bad and good. Doesn’t show me how many people are retweeting an item unless I click on the tweet.
List support. bad. It doesn’t add much and makes me click more to get from to all my lists.
Suggested follows: bad. The “people we suggest to follow” page isn’t in the new style yet and no improvements here that I can see.
Infinite scroll: good, you can scroll down forever. Well, @dougw says that there’s a limit, but I haven’t gotten to the end yet.
Home page detail pane: bad, I really could care less about who is following me, or what the latest lame Twitter trends are. Let me get rid of those things I don’t care about and let me add things that mean more to me (like lists).
Follow/follower pages: good. Shows bios and is nicer now.

Anyway, I’m sure there will be lots of feedback on this new design. Techmeme is already going crazy.


Touch this innovative mobile-focused startup: Swype

It’s not everyday that I meet someone who has actually changed the world. Cliff Kushler is one of those guys. He invented T9 texting, which ships on hundreds of millions, if not billions, of phones.

But now he’s making my phones much easier to use with Swype. Hear and see how this new keyboard technology makes devices much faster to key in information and get behind the scenes in their Seattle headquarters.


This video was originally run on Building43 this morning here.