Touch this innovative mobile-focused startup: Swype

It’s not everyday that I meet someone who has actually changed the world. Cliff Kushler is one of those guys. He invented T9 texting, which ships on hundreds of millions, if not billions, of phones.

But now he’s making my phones much easier to use with Swype. Hear and see how this new keyboard technology makes devices much faster to key in information and get behind the scenes in their Seattle headquarters.


This video was originally run on Building43 this morning here.


11 thoughts on “Touch this innovative mobile-focused startup: Swype

  1. Any clue when it’s going to be released for download? (bear in mind I don’t have speakers at work so haven’t watched the video yet, so apologies if it’s mentioned there)


  2. I had some fun with swype for the two weeks before my camera died on my DroidX. I preferred touch typing though, because the vocabulary I use while mobile blogging wasn’t always recognized, and because I can touch type with two thumbs faster than I can swype with one finger.


  3. I’ve been using the Swype beta on my EVO 4G, and it’s my favorite thing about my phone. Absolutely no way I’d be faster on any hardware keyboard on a phone. Once they add the ability to activate the system’s voice recognition like the stock keyboard, and to add/edit/delete entries from the dictionary, this thing will be great. I’d also like it to work with other (better) keyboard layouts, but that’s just me. I hate having to shift into ‘symbols’ just to use common punctuation like colons & semicolons and numbers. But the speed is _amazing_ otherwise. Keep in mind both of the recent texting speed records were set by Swype users.


  4. Thanks Robert/Roc for the videos. It was great to see and catch up with you again. genjii931 – thanks for your comments. You can add/delete words. to add a word…simply tap it in letter by letter and hit space. word automatically added! to delete, highlight word and hit ‘swype’ key (bottom left).

    though we’re constantly refining usability and we appreciate your feedback. thank you.

    Piers…sign up to beta program on our website and we periodically open it up. we’ve been released on ~20 devices so increasingly it’s being preloaded on devices as well.



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