Steve Rubel’s (and mine) favorite iPad apps

Steve Rubel came over the house on Friday (and so did my friend Luke Kilpatrick, who is a Palm Pre freak and does social media for VMWare) and he has already switched his business life to the iPad (he’s a senior vice president at Edelman PR, the largest independent PR firm in the world) and when we started talking iPad apps over dinner I knew this would be a fun way to look at a bunch of different apps. We spend an hour going through all our favorite iPad apps.

What iPad apps do you have that we missed?


11 thoughts on “Steve Rubel’s (and mine) favorite iPad apps

  1. My son got me an iPadfor my G’day. I’ve been using it all weekend and planning to take it to a client meeting on Monday. Funny though I was unable to view the video using it. But I believe the UI on many of the apps — especially some of the news ones — really are pointing the direction to how web applications should behave and I am already thinking of ways to use jquery to implement some of the techniques on some of our word press blogs..


  2. G'day Robert, I've watched some of that and some of the apps I've tried. But my list would be different.Top 7 fave ipad apps: – iCab – A desktop class browser on your iPad. No skimping here. Tabs, Source code viewing, extensions, ad filtering and much much more.- ArtStudio – The most realisting painting program for the iPAd. Heaps better than SketchPad. Also includes tutorials.- Sketchy – Page and app wireframing. Mockup also looks like it could be pretty good.- Calculator HD – Three caluclators in one! Basic, Scientific, Accounting with paper tape- Note Taker HD – Dan Bricklin (the inventor of VisiCalc, the first ever computer spreadsheet program, the first ever “killer app”) has made this revolutionary note writing app for the iPad which could just become the killer app of the iPad- Remote HD – VNC, Remote Desktop, whatever – on steroids! Can even use your iPad as your computer's keyboard- Early Edition – A really neat RSS newsreader that presents feeds in a newspaper type layout. Also supports categories.Robert, PLEASE do an interview with Dan Bricklin about Note Taker HD!


  3. Saw your list, but the video wasn't playing. Some additions, from my favs.-Roambi: Great, dynamic numbers visualization tool. NOTHING looks boring (even stuff that should). -Dropbox: Use this as your central hub. Real-time sharing between home and work. We use it to share HQ docs with our road team.-Adobe Ideas: Excellent, simple vector creator. No strings; just a great little app. An app that's overdue, IMO: Salesforce for iPad. Not a blown-up version of the same, tired iPhone app, but one that truly takes advantage of the functionality of the iPad. Cheers, Robert.


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