Ye olde Android vs. iPhone debate (my experiences without an iPhone for six days so far)

If you’ve been following me on Google Buzz or on Twitter you can skip this, but it’s useful to wrap up some of the conversations we’ve been having online. Last night I got together with my friends Luke Kilpatrick and John Poore. Between the three of us we have nearly every cool smartphone known to mankind. Palm. Apple. HTC. All that.

Anyway, we met just to see if there were any more pros or cons we could add to the list between Android and iPhone that I started a few days ago on Google Buzz. This is the most complete back and forth I’ve seen so far on the topic.

Living without the iPhone has been a lot easier than I expect, here I show you the devices I’m using and talk about what the advantages are to both iPhone and Android (the video plays here, while on my computer the embed doesn’t play well).