Techcrunch Guest Post: Location 2012

Last week I wrote a guest post for Techcrunch titled “Location 2012.” I’m pretty proud of how it came out, based on a road trip I took last weekend with my family. Funny that since I wrote it a lot of companies who are working in the location space have been coming out of the woodwork. Plus I’ve caught even more rumors of what Apple and Google are up to, so I’ll keep tracking this story. I’ve even seen a stealth company that I can’t share yet (more later this week) that is working on pretty much exactly what I laid out.

MG Siegler, at Techcrunch, did the editing, and he made my piece tighter and better. He’s a real catch for Techcrunch. Arrington better hope he doesn’t get stolen away.

Anyway, I wanted to make sure you saw the post, some of you don’t read my Twitter stream and just follow me on an RSS reader, so it was worth pointing that out here.

What do you think? Are you working on location-based services to make this new world a reality? Let me know!