First look: SlideRocket goes HTML5

You probably know that I wish the world would move off of MIcrosoft PowerPoint. It is definitely the king of presentation software, but there are a raft of tools that are better now, especially if you look at SlideRocket and Prezi. I previously did a video with Prezi’s CEO, but I’ll admit that Prezi is a bit weird for someone coming from PowerPoint. Read that as “hard to learn.” Why? Because it uses a totally different metaphor than slides for doing presentations. You should watch the video I did with Prezi to see what I mean.

But there’s another tool out there that has a lot of advantages over PowerPoint: SlideRocket. Why? Because its system is totally web based, which brings lots of good things to teams that need to collaborate together on presentations (PowerPoint really falls apart if you want to make sure that slides copied out of one presentation are kept up to date in all other presentations, for instance).

Anyway, tonight, they are announcing that SlideRocket is moving to HTML5, so you can play presentations on an iPad, for instance (previous versions were Flash-based). See the new features and how far SlideRocket has come.


4 thoughts on “First look: SlideRocket goes HTML5

  1. Really happy to see SlideRocket move to HTML5, because I hate Powerpoint and find Prezi very hard to learn and pretty limited once I did learn it. I never did use it.


  2. Love this company. Have been a user for some time and what strikes me most is that they keep innovating and making their app simpler while increasing its functionality. Needless to say, I’m a big fan and now I’m even more psyched that I’ll soon be able to show my presentations on the iPad 🙂


  3. I really love this whole concept. I have never gotten a chance to use it, but for my next presentation I sure will give it a try. I think it beats Google’s online presentation offering; perhaps they would be a great acquisition.


  4. I’m a sliderocket fan. Love what they are doing and where it is headed. I think, however, to accelerate adoption it would be wise to pitch it more as a inbound marketing application than a presentation tool. The inherent value in it for me (and they pitched it to me just about two months ago) was the ability to see some analytics in the viewing, the annotations from viewers (as pointed out in the video here). What was not received so well was the unfortunately steep learning curve to transition from the comfort of powerpoint to Sliderocket. Not that it was hard to use, but that if throwing together a slide that today takes me 5 minutes turns into 15 the first five times I use it. . . well that is too much for a large sales organization. (though there is a slick PPT import). Trouble is, the features as a lead gen tool are not nearly robust enough and there are other less sophisticated options out there for me, slideshare anyone? I plan on keeping en eye on them and hopeful they’ll continue to rapidly build out the product and focus on some natural areas of strength.


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