The perfect Thanksgiving meal online?

OK, I know I have readers all around the world, but this one is for those who live in the United States.

On Thursday we’re having our Thanksgiving. It’s my favorite holiday because, well, it gives me a chance to cook!

Today Maryam and I are looking around for what we should make.

Last night, while at the best restaurant in Half Moon Bay, Cetrella, I asked the head chef what he’d make. Sounds yummy.

But that got me thinking. What are the best places online to find Thanksgiving recipes? So far I like Epicurious, FoodNetwork, and All Recipes the best.

How about you? Care to share your best recipes? Got any outstanding ones that are easy enough for a geek to make?


The story behind Storify, new real-time curation service

You’re seeing more and more Storify links around the web. The Washington Post has used it. So have many other journalists and curators.

Why do we need Storify? Because more and more of our lives and the news events we care about are being covered on Twitter, Facebook, or other new media services.

In fact, on Friday when the founders came to my house to film this video my producer, Rocky Barbanica, called me and said he couldn’t get to my house because of an accident. I went to Yahoo News. Nothing. I went to Google News. Nothing. I did a search on Google, hoping maybe some real-time info showed up there. Nothing. But then I went to Twitter Search, typed “Devil’s Slide” and five tweets popped up saying that both lanes of highway one were closed, due to an injury accident. More and more we’re finding the best and latest info about news is on social networks and, especially, Twitter.

So, if I worked for the local newspaper and wanted to put a bundle of those tweets up on our front page, how would I do it? There are a variety of new curation services and, even, URL shortener has added bundling capabilities in the past week. The others that I’m trying are (I’ll have more coverage of them soon, because they are working on a major update), KeepStream, and Bag the Web. I covered the others here.

Here I interview the co-founders of Storify because I’m seeing more of their links being used than the others and wanted to, well, get the inside story. Enjoy!

Find a trail with “Yelp” of outdoors

Are you an outdoors type? I like going for hikes with my family and, even around my house in Half Moon Bay, there are dozens of trails that I haven’t yet tried. How do you find them? Well, AllTrails, a new startup, has an answer.

I sat down with the founder, Russell Cook, and he gave me a demo of this iPhone-only app (more platforms coming soon). It lets you rate trails and campsites and share your favorites with your friends.

There are some other choices, too, like Goby or Everytrail, but I’m liking the approach of AllTrails, what do you think? The service has some 27,000 registered users so far who have logged over 94,000 miles with the mobile app in limited testing.

By the way, this is one of the companies that recently launched at the AngelPad accelerator in San Francisco. Techcrunch covered their demo day, but I have videos of each of the companies that I’ll be running this week.