Knocking Live shows what a front-facing-iPhone camera could do

Knocking Live Video‘s co-founder, Brian Meehan, was the one who convinced Steve Jobs to approve streaming video apps. That opened the door for a bunch of streaming video apps. This is a cool app that you can use to video with your family and they have a ton of things coming out. Does Steve Jobs have something like this up his sleeve for the next iPhone? I bet he does.

Here I meet him and get his story but also get a look at their latest video chat app that lets you do live video conversations on your iPhone or iPad or, now, your Android phone.

Also, check out how fast it’s being downloaded! This is a third-wave app, they are growing faster than Twitter or Foursquare and got to a million users faster than either of those. Wild growth.

Oh, and stick around to the end of the video to hear their experiences with Rackspace hosting.

Are you using Knocking? Why not?


The “David’s” in the war over social TV: Miso and Starling

The other day I introduced you to Comcast’s Tunerfish. Comcast has lots of advantages due to its branding and market presence. But there’s a little startup that got there first and is, in my experience, doing a better job: Miso. Here you meet Miso’s CEO, Somrat Niyogi. You’ll find him very passionate about TV. Will he win? Well, this is a disruptive area and startups tend to do better than more established companies when disruption is happening.

Oh, and if you haven’t had enough social TV, in Israel I met with the founder, Kevin Slavin, of Starling, who also has a unique perspective on this new world, although he hasn’t shipped yet and Miso has. Which one do you think will win?

TED Talks insider tour; 250 million views, 1000 TEDx’s

Yesterday I got a tour of TED’s headquarters in New York with June Cohen, executive producer of TED.

While touring she gave me some of the latest stats and they are mind-blowing. Did you know that TEDx (independently produced TED events) are only a year old but already there are about 1,000 TEDx events planned or held in 80 countries and 25 languages.

In the 40 minute tour you’ll meet some of the people behind TED and see the editing suites where TED Talks are edited.

Thanks to June for this awesome tour and look behind the curtain.