Introducing a new logo and design on Scobleizer

Scobleizer Logo

Thanks to I Design Your Logo for coming up with a new logo for me. Disclosure: they did it for free for me, but I needed a new one and thought “why not?” They sent me a bunch of ideas, I picked a couple I liked, and they iterated again. So far most people on Twitter and Google Buzz like it.

At the same time, I have a new design, put in place by my boss, Rob La Gesse. He bought me a new theme for WordPress and put in place new Twitter widgets from Publitweet (nicer than the ones from Twitter themselves) and also put in place the Wibiya bar at the bottom which lets you see a variety of things I’ve done around the Internet (Google Buzz coming soon) and also adds those Facebook like buttons.

One of the things I’ve tried to do is keep my blog simple and easy to read. That’s one reason we went with the Genesis WordPress theme.

Anyway, hope you like it, although, like I said over on Google Buzz most of my readers probably won’t even notice because they can read me over there or on an RSS aggregator.