TED Talks insider tour; 250 million views, 1000 TEDx’s

Yesterday I got a tour of TED’s headquarters in New York with June Cohen, executive producer of TED.

While touring she gave me some of the latest stats and they are mind-blowing. Did you know that TEDx (independently produced TED events) are only a year old but already there are about 1,000 TEDx events planned or held in 80 countries and 25 languages.

In the 40 minute tour you’ll meet some of the people behind TED and see the editing suites where TED Talks are edited.

Thanks to June for this awesome tour and look behind the curtain.


8 thoughts on “TED Talks insider tour; 250 million views, 1000 TEDx’s

  1. This video IS SO MUCH FUN!! I cant stop watching it!!! Thanks!!! 3h20am here!!! can't sleep…


  2. Woo Hoo! Engaging video interview by @Scobleizer with @JuneCohen of @TEDtalks Robert,This is a really captivating strolling interview shame that you had to end so abruptly – June Cohen is such a great advocate for TED, which is a truly amazing concept sharing so many fantastic ideas through individual stories – what a pity that they are no longer producing the teddies in the likeness of the speakers. Also love the idea of BIG TED and little ted (TEDx).


  3. Loved this video.. it was really a powerful insight into the workings of TED and also their take on the world and how they run their conferences… a must view for all TED fans!


  4. Thanks for sharing. It's awesome. Better than a Red Bull. Will re-watch whenever I feel down/un-inspired…


  5. Yup, I could have kept going, but I filmed 40 minutes there (more than two times longer than the usual TED talk) and was out of card space.


  6. What a great interview! A fascinating glimpse into the TED office where June and her colleagues shares a lot of interesting stories on how they work. I have arranged 4 TED events, but unfortunately never attended a real TED, but after seeing this I am more intent than ever of doing that someday!I appreciated June's thinking behind the design of the conference badges, they match exactly what I have experienced: you need to see people's names from far away and I love teh idea pf printing conversation starter subjects on the badges. I will add the last detail to my list of “Presentation Skills Do's and Don'ts” http://alfabravo.com/2007/11/15/presentation-sk


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