A new addition here: the Meebo bar

Yesterday I went over to Meebo‘s headquarters in Mountain View, CA, to see their latest: the Meebo bar.

What is cool about this? It makes it super easy to share things on my blog with other people. How do you do it? Just drag and drop this video of the Meebo team showing me the Meebo bar, for instance, and you’ll be able to share it to a variety of social networks like Twitter or Facebook.

Plus it does a few other things, but watch the video to learn more about Meebo and how it works.

I thought it was so cool that both I and Rob La Gesse (who does stuff on my blog too) added it to our sites and we’ll add it to building43 too.

Anyway, try it out. Drag one of my videos around!


17 thoughts on “A new addition here: the Meebo bar

  1. I've long despised the meebo bar – only because it renders a website to an unusable halt. I've seen it on Mashable and every time I visit the site, my browser goes brain dead for a minute. Does anyone else have that problem on the latest stable Firefox?


  2. I really enjoy Meebo. Been using them since the days they didn't have a log out button (good god, that was forever ago) and about once a week MSN messenger would break. I was required to use them because my computer at the time couldn't handle the upgrades to messengers anymore.Meebo has a great product and this latest venture into the social space just shows how relevant they are and intend on staying.Kudos to them.


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