My favorite tech Twitterer of the year (as collated from 11,000 of the best tweets of the year)

I have kept a database of my favorite 11,000 tweets, all gathered in 2009. In fact, all gathered since June.

A service named Favstar has kept track of who are my favorite twitterers.

My favorite tech team who Twitters? Techcrunch.
My favorite tech twitterer? Dave Winer.
My favorite top 10?

1. Techcrunch
2. Dave Winer
3. Mashable/Pete Cashmore
4. Mike Arrington (founder of Techcrunch, his personal account)
5. Read Write Web
6. Tim O’Reilly
7. Y Combinator News
8. Venture Beat
9. Louis Gray
10. Guy Kawasaki (a team of three that tweets along with Guy).

Personally, though, I love the whole list. It reads like a “who’s who” in Tech with thousands of people on it who have received a favorite from me in the past six months.

Another thing to watch in 2010 will be the rise of Twitter lists and curators who pick people for these lists. For instance one of my favorite new places to find Twitterers is Listorious (a service that didn’t exist a year ago) and its technology lists are very good places to see how Twitter is changing the tech world. I bet that the top tech twitterer of 2010 is already on one or more of the lists that are there.

One last fun thing to do is to compare my favorite tech twitterers with the Techmeme leaderboard. You’ll see most of them are pretty similar but there are some sizeable differences and it’s in those differences that you can detect both my biases and those of Techmeme’s choices. What do you see when you compare these two lists? (My Twitter list is far more biased toward people, than just brands, for instance).

Anyway, 2010 in real time tech news will be fun to watch. How are your reading experiences changing?


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