Software architects (especially cloud computing): check this company out

This isn’t sexy like my last two blog posts. No killer video. No consumer service.

But if you are an architect of software services based on cloud computing architectures you have a new kind of problem: figuring out what is going on in your systems across vendors and across services. What’s causing your slowdowns? Is it Twitter? Your own code? The part of your service running on Amazon? Rackspace? Google App Engine?

Nimsoft just announced a new system that will let you monitor your systems. I had a 30 minute conversation with Gary Read, CEO of Nimsoft, about cloud computing architectures and what’s happening in the world of building services and applications that use all these newfangled APIs.

How are you changing your approach to software if you are building systems based on cloud infrastructure?

Part I Discussion of cloud computing and what’s happening in changing architectures.
Part II An introduction to Nimsoft’s new cloud computing monitoring system.
Part III — a demo of the system.