Plane crash in NYC captured on real-time web

Twitter and friendfeed, about 50 minutes ago, erupted with info about a plane crash in NYC.

One of the first photos (as reported on Silicon Alley Insider) was made by Janis Krums on his iPhone and posted to Twitter. He was on one of the first ferries to get to the scene, just minutes after the crash.

When I started doing Twitter searches for the word “plane” there were about two tweets every 10 seconds coming in. Within minutes that went up to 200 to 400 Tweets every few seconds.

There were tons of first-person accounts too.

The pilots are heroes. They landed the plane in water safely and got everyone off, according to current reports. That’s just amazing. The water temperature is in the low 40s. That’s not survivable, but as you can see from Janis’ photo everyone got into life rafts.

WOW @jkrums posted the first photo of Hudson plane crash from an iPhone. Amazing photo! — he was in first rescue group.
First photo posted was with an iPhone:
RT: @tomob: Alternate link to plane on hudson photo by @jkrums – This picture is on MSNBC video.
MSNBC has live video: — I’m watching now.
@justinlevy: MSNBC is interviewing someone who was on the plane now. Looks like everyone got off. Amazing. Absolutely amazing.
Get live coverage on
MSNBC is showing pictures of plane. Most passengers look like they got onto life rafts. Amazing job by pilots. Hopeful no one died.
@sscornelius Flickr has a photo of the plane crashed already:…
When I started watching Twitter search for “plane” it was getting two tweets every 10 seconds. Now? 200 every 10 seconds. Wow.
RT dmooney9: Better photo than what TV has @jkrums:
RT kevinmagee live video feed from MSNBC of plane crash
RT: greggish1 CNN now showing the tail of the plane sticking out of the water
Another Twitter search that works better for plane crash in Hudson:
RT: PaulEWalsh @Scobleizer USAir flight 1549 left La Guardia at 320 PM enroute to Charlotte. 146 passengers. possible bird strike
RT: dbarefoot Here’s a photo of the crashed US Airways plane from Flickr:
More on plane crash:
More info on Plane Crash is FLOWING in from people who saw the crash at:…
Tons of people are reporting a USAir plane crash in NYC. Follow for more.