The “netbook king” smacks down Sony

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No, I’m not the netbook king. That title belongs to Sascha Pallenberg who writes NetbookNews in Germany. You can find him on Twitter @sascha_p.

I met him at the blogger party last night and I asked him about which netbook is best. He knows more about netbooks than anyone else I’ve met (I met him at Europe’s consumer electronics show in Berlin). He says the Samsung NC10 is the best and derides the new Sony that got lots of hype here at CES. But then we get into a smackdown about Windows vs. Linux and lots of other topics. Proof that you learn the most at the parties. Watch this video with Sascha and you’ll learn a ton about the netbook market.

To see the Sony that we’re talking about visit James Kendrick’s video of the Sony Vaio P.

Lots of other CES videos are on my channel.