Visiting Sketchfab: an important 3D service for Spatial Computing world

Today if you get a Magic Leap or an Oculus Quest you can view millions of different 3D objects and scenes by using Sketchfab’s service. That doesn’t sound that important, but for creators who work in VR or AR it’s hugely important, since it gives everyone a central place to share, search, sell, or buy these 3D items.

Here I visit with Alban Denoyel, CEO, and we have a wide ranging conversation about the future of Spatial Computing, and, even, the future of jobs, many of which will have to do with 3D objects.

Denoyel has a unique view of the industry, since he sees all the objects that educators, marketers, and other people are using, and, because he is a creator himself, he shares his workflow for how he captures things in the real world and uploads them to Sketchfab too.

Thanks to Marcelo Moyano for helping shoot this video and doing the editing on it.