Pinterest is to Facebook as Storify’s new iPad app is to Twitter

Back in 2010 I wrote this article about the need for content curation software.

Storify is it.

Here’s a look at its new iPad app which is very awesome.

Why is this important?

Well, let’s look at the past 10 years.

2000 (about) Blogging with Blogger or Radio Userland.
2007 Twitter
2008 Facebook
2010 Tumblr
2011 Pinterest and Google+.

What’s the trend? With each year pushing content out to friends is getting easier.

Storify is even easier than Pinterest, in quite a few ways. Finding new content is awesome. Dragging it around and redesigning it is mondo easy (try to move a Pin from one pinboard to the next in Pinterest and you’ll see that Storify’s iPad app is a lot easier).

Anyway, this is being used by tons of news organizations around the world and the White House and even big influential conferences like the World Economic Forum.

Good job Storify.


21 thoughts on “Pinterest is to Facebook as Storify’s new iPad app is to Twitter

    1. I faced the same issue. *Also* after you login, you cannot logout! So if you want to use a different account, you will need another iPad. I uninstalled the app and powered down the iPad but to no avail.


      1. You can tap on your avatar (top right in the story editor) to logout. Could be more intuitive but we thought that login out shouldn’t be a common use case. We may want to review that in a next version. Thanks for your comment!


      2. @twitter-55993:disqus Thanks for the reply. I also received an answer from your support team (Jeff Elder).I believe the problem can be solved by looking at it from an “ease-of-use” case. For example, after logging in, the user does not see any icons or indication of the option to logout. The user will have to start a new story or edit a story to see the sidebar with the avatar.Storify is a great service & product. The iPad has a lot of benefits, so keep up the great work!


    2. You can use the “Forgot password” link below the login dialog to reset or create a password for your account. We will update the wording for the next version as “Forgot password” is confusing if you never had a password. 

      There was an interesting blog post about social logins with the conclusion that you should rather start with your own login and then connect social accounts, see


      1. It’s a tricky problem. As Robert mentions we don’t want people to do any hard work. Chances are that if you follow Robert on Twitter, there is a high probability that you might be interested in his next story. With always the option to unsubscribe. 

        We are exploring ideas to make it part of the sign up process or as a notification bar, that should make it less confusing and give you more control. Thanks for the feedback!


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  2. Not a very good answer when asked about adding photos directly from the ipad itself.
    Take photo, upload it to another social or cloud service, then find that photo from a social stream, then add it to your story?The Storify app should also be able to act as a creator of breaking stories rather than JUST curating them form other sources.


    1. It’s very hard when you build a product to say “No”. Yet it’s what makes it easy, fluid, focus. See this very great blog post about NEST “Complexity is easy. It’s fun to come up with new ideas and it feels great to say yes to everything, to avoid making trade-offs. It’s simplicity that is hard.”

      Our philosophy is that all media has its place on a service that is focused at offering the best user experience to do just that. We are never going to compete with Instagram or YouTUBE or Flickr, that doesn’t make sense. 

      What we could potentially do in the future is allowing you to upload a photo/video directly to those services from within our app.

      Thank you for your comment.


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  4. Really great to finally find a blog I can relate to. Just my kind of thing.his is my first time reading this blog. Definitely won’t be my last though, really enjoyed it.


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