Arrogance or Artistry at Apple? My audio thoughts on antennagate

Dave Winer just re-tweeted someone who said that Apple is too arrogant to admit its iPhone 4 has a flaw.

That got me wound up. So, I used my iPhone 4 to call into Cinchcast from along the Snake River in Wyoming, you can listen into my call. The mosquitos were biting me and were making me downright ornery.

But the iPhone is the best phone I’ve used and here there are dozens of bleeding edge smart phones being shown off by VCs, CEOs, and geeks.

Yes, the iPhone has a flaw. But it still is the best phone I’ve used.

More on why I feel that way in my phone call. Oh, by the way, the call doesn’t drop.

Personally, I’m sick and tired of this issue. Techmeme is nothing but Apple today. Glad I’m on vacation with a bunch of geeks.