FastCompanyTV moves to China (for a visit)

No, we’re not outsourcing, next Wednesday we’ll be going to China for a sizeable trip to hear from entrepreneurs and venture capitalists there and get some tours around factories. I’m telling you this so we can arrange some fun dinners and other impromptu events. It’s Rocky’s first time there, and I haven’t been to China in 10 years, so it’ll be interesting to see the differences.

November 5. Travel day.
November 6. We arrive in Shanghai in early evening.
November 7. Going to Wuxi to see Seagate’s factory and possibly others there.
November 8. Travel back from Wuxi, we’d like to have a dinner in Shanghai — any ideas where we could do that? I remember having fun at the Peace Hotel, but looking for other ideas.
November 9. Meeting with VC’s and entrepreneurs in Shanghai.
November 10. Travel to Shenzhen.
November 11. In Shenzhen. Meet with Phil Baker and Liam Casey, “Mr. China.”
November 12. In Shenzhen. Anyone want to meet up? Let us know.
November 13. In Shenzhen. There’s a Blogger Dinner planned that evening that I’ll attend.
November 14. Travel to Guangzhou to join up with the also happening China 2.0 blogger tour.
November 15. In Guangzhou for the Chinese Bloggercon.
November 16. In Guangzhou for the Chinese Bloggercon.
November 17. Travel to Hong Kong. Any bloggers want to get together in Hong Kong? We’re looking for a fun dinner or something to do.
November 18. Travel home.

We’re also planning out some trips to factories and other things but will try to fit other things in. Hope to see you there!


Make your car a wifi hot spot

We’re taking a bus to the CES show and I needed a way to get Wifi onto the bus and people kept telling me about Autonet, which is a way to turn your car into a wifi hot spot. So today I visited the CEO, Sterling Pratz, and got a demo.

Also car related Ford lent me a Ford Flex this week with Microsoft Sync which is pretty cool. I’ll have a separate video about that on Monday.

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Tired of economic bad news? Play free online golf!

Today Electronic Arts laid off a bunch of people. I guess video games aren’t selling well now that we’re all tightening our budgets. But a new startup in Silicon Valley has a better idea: make a better golf game online and give it away for free. It’s called the World Golf Tour and I interviewed the CEO and got a demo (16 minute video).

How is it better? Well, they are visually superior because they use real photography of real golf courses. Plus, since you play in your browser, you are able to do all the collaborative stuff you’d expect to do online.