The glass half full business conference

Are you depressed about the market? Well, just think of all that we have that costs nothing!

Here, Mitch Joel put together a whole conference for you. Costs nothing. Just grab a glass of wine and watch.

It reminded me of how much I love TED Talks. Watch the video of famous conductor Benjamin Zander, it’ll get your mood lifted.

After that, why don’t you visit the Library of Congress to see how they are saving our old photos and putting them onto Flickr for you to peruse. Don’t think social media matters to something as stodgy as the Library of Congress? Think again!

Our stocks might be worthless, but at least we have good free stuff to watch on the Internet.

That’s the “cup is half full” approach to life.


We’re in a death spiral

The DOW is down about 600 about 700 about 370 right now. Yahoo Finance has the bad news. UPDATE: what a bumpy ride. At one point it was down 748 on my screen and ended up down “only” (Yahoo Finance’s headline) 370.

Here’s the deal: many of us are afraid. That fear is changing our behavior (I’m hoarding, aren’t you?). That causes the market to go down.

How does the market stop going down? The death spiral will have to hit the bottom of our fears.

Where do you see the market hitting bottom? I think we’ll test 8,000 by end of the year (some people say probably by the end of the week if it keeps going down line this).

As they say, we have only to fear fear itself. Hope you’re doing OK. This is looking like one heck of a nasty storm on the horizon, isn’t it? 2009 is looking like a pretty tough year.

Anyone have any positive news to get us off of our fears?