Love bloggers who do interviews…

David Newberger is onto something. His blog has gotten much more interesting since he’s started doing interviews. has Mike Rundle CDO of the 9Rules Network; Doc Searls; me; VC Jeff Clavier; and recently had Jennifer DeGraffenreid on Native American Media. He doesn’t do podcasts or vlogs or anything like that. Just emails 10 questions and asks for answers.

Great idea for corporate bloggers. In fact, if I were telling a company what to do, advice now would be:

1) Get an RSS aggregator.
2) Read 50 blogs for at least two weeks that interest you.
3) Interview at least five of those bloggers.

That will get you to start thinking about blogging as a listening device rather than something that you can use to get your message out.

Doppler, great podcast receiver (RSS aggregator) for SmartPhones

When I was in Brussels I met with Erwin van Hunen, lead technical architect and developer for DopplerRadio. He took me aside and showed me his new podcasting device (DopplerMobile) which just went into beta today. This thing ROCKS! Developed in .NET 2.0 too. Speaking of which, I just got a report from more of the .NET 2.0 launch events. They continue being sold out around the world. A couple of weeks ago there were 5,000 people in India at the launch events there.

I just interviewed developers from SAP who are converting from Visual Studio 2003 to 2005. They were effusive in their praise. It’s not everyday you get your competitors to praise your new technology.

Unfortunately DopplerMobile requires a mobile phone running Windows Mobile 5.0 for Smartphones and it requires that the phone has the .NET Compact Framework 2.0 installed (which is a separate download for Windows Mobile 5.0 phones). I say unfortunately cause my Audiovox still has the older software on it. This will push me to get a new phone, though. I’m going to the Consumer Electronics Show in January to check out phones. I hear the new Motorola coming out rocks big time.