A New Chapter Opens

Our kids are about to close out their school year so it is a good time to think about our future plans. That isn’t the only chapter that’s closing in our lives. Here’s a few others:

1. Our book about the Spatial Computing industry “The Infinite Retina” is done and has gotten a ton of five-star reviews, with Qualcomm’s head of AR/VR saying “it’s a must read.”

2. Business cycles are starting afresh due to COVID-19.

3. I’ve finished a two-year cleanup of social media, leading to the development of a ton of lists for/about the tech industry and especially Spatial Computing, at https://twitter.com/scobleizer/lists.

4. The AR/VR industry is about to start a new cycle with many new products coming over the next 24 months.

Maryam, Irena, and I have been talking through things over the past few weeks as these chapters came to a close and we see new chapters opening.

1. Infinite Retina will go in a new direction without me, Irena Cronin will share more over the next few weeks as to what that is. This ends my financial interest in the company as well.

2. I’m going in a new direction, focusing far less on social media, getting back to my user roots and I have some itches that I’m exploring, but more on that in a few months.

3. Until the kids are able to really go back to school full time I’m focusing much more on raising my kids, especially since Maryam’s work role has become much more important.

Anyway, I’m going to take the summer mostly off of social media and will come back with a new focus and new projects. Will talk more then.

As to Irena: thank you so much for being an awesome partner, and I’m very proud of the work we did together. Our book’s reviews denote how good it is. For those who don’t know you, I’ve come to see that you understand the industry at a far deeper level than anyone else I know and that’s saying something!

Talk to you more in the fall.