What if?

What if?

Is your mind asking that a lot lately?

Mine is.

What if the virus is a message from Nature? Asking us to live more sustainably? In a way that will give our children a world that is livable?

What if it is showing us a way to live without nearly as many planes. Without as many cars. Without even meat?

What if it is giving us an opportunity to collect the data we need to figure out what houses and buildings aren’t efficient enough and need new roofs, new insulation, new windows, and new pollution-control systems?

What if it is showing us a way to live simpler, but happier lives? Ones where you have dinner with your family every night and look forward to going on walks with your friends?

What if it is tearing down our inefficient systems, including shopping centers, factories, and asking us to replace them with much more efficient alternatives that are much friendlier to the earth?

What if it is a bit of a punishment for how we treated the natural world, and each other, for so long?

What if it is showing us that we can do almost everything we want to do, but do it virtually? Including educating, entertaining, and traveling?

What if we really cared about this zebra and rhino family (both are nearly extinct) that I made an image of in a Safari in South Africa as much as some say they care about the unborn?

What if it created human needs so great that you will be compelled to help out, which, you will soon discover is the best happiness drug there is?

What if?