Visit EchoAR, which makes building Spatial Computing apps a lot easier

As more companies build apps like Minecraft Earth, an augmented reality app coming soon to phones, they will need to manage servers and content. Think about it, if you have a 3D avatar that needs different clothing based on time of year, or region (like you might dress it up for Fourth of July in United States, while having the same avatar wearing something else in, say, Germany or Milan) you don’t want to have to figure out how to manage all those assets for your game, or for brands who you are building an app for.

EchoAR solves this problem so the Infinite Reality team, me and Marcelo, who edited this video, headed off to its Brooklyn, New York office to meet with its CEO and CTO and had a long conversation about how developer’s lives are soon to change.

They are located in the RLab, which is a very awesome Spatial Computing accelerator in Brooklyn. Tons of events are held there (Magic Leap will be doing one there soon).

We got caught up on what 5G, VR, and AR means for this space and how this company differentiates from others, like 6D.AI, who are building AR Clouds.