A special walk through computing history at the DigiBarn

Why is computing history so important? Because it can teach us lessons about not just where we were, but where we are going. Here my family, along with Carlos Calva, get a tour through the DigiBarn, with its owner Bruce Damer (Carlos and Bruce are starting an asteroid mining company you will hear more about soon). I visited to do research on the beginnings of Spatial Computing for the book that Irena Cronin and I are writing as part of our research efforts at Infinite Retina.

Bruce is a special figure in Silicon Valley. Not only does he collect all sorts of computer history, but he’s been working for Nasa for years as an engineer but has been working on a variety of computers building many things, and is a pioneer in using 3D and avatars.

This tour is very special, so few will ever be able to visit his home and tour this collection. We were the first to visit with a 360-degree cameras so you get a real sense of this place for the first time. We split the tour up into two parts. The first part is of early Apple history and the second part is a walk through the barn itself.