My thoughts on the Quest. It’s that good.

Oculus Quest is that good.

Last night I was playing the Star Wars game and found myself just looking around and admiring how my virtual gloves look.

I can’t really explain this and how deeply emotional it is. Which is why VR is such a magic thing and is better at getting rid of pain than opiates in many cases.

But now I see what Mark Zuckerberg is doing. He’s building a Metaverse that will be so magical that we will never want to go back to 2D social ever again.

But that’s a conversation for a future month or year, probably next year as Apple comes into the market next September. Until then, 15 months from now, if you want to experience the future put together $400 and get a Quest.

It is the product of the year and I can’t even think of anything else that’s close. And that’s from a guy with a Tesla and a June Oven.

I don’t know how much clearer to put it. You’re an idiot if you don’t buy one if you have the cash (and, yes, I know many of my friends don’t have the cash). I’m not talking to you, yet, but I told my son Patrick Scoble, who is about to graduate college and enter the real world, heh, that in 15 months he’s going to want a bunch of Apple stuff since I know their glasses and a new 5G iPhone is coming, along with more. The next 36 months will see a deep change in what we all think is the necessary computer. For me, now, Quest is at that stage.

The Quest makes me feel even more strongly about the paradigm shift that’s coming. It will create a new kind of “haves and have nots” and the “haves” will be able to participate in all sorts of things, from new kinds of jobs to new kinds of games, that the “have nots” won’t have.

I’m talking about 2022, but already I’m seeing how work is changing, check out my last few videos on YouTube.

Anyway, this is a magic device and deserves all the fantastic reviews it is getting. If you don’t get your face in one for an hour you just won’t have any idea about why I’m so adamant you get one.