Getting Ready for 2020: learning about SLAM and AR and the backend for XR with founder of Escher Reality (and a first use of Descript podcasting service)

Recently I sat down for a long conversation with the founder of Escher Reality, Ross Finman, which claims it has the most advanced augmented reality API.

This was an audio-only recording, so it also gave me a chance to try out the new Descript Podcasting Service that was turned on yesterday.

The 50-minute recording is here.

What you’ll see is that Descript built a text description of the entire interview (I didn’t edit it much so you can see how accurate the AI is there that converted the speech into text).

I won’t try to repeat the 50+ minute conversation here, but if you listen to it you’ll learn a LOT from one of the most technical people I’ve interviewed in my journey through learning about augmented reality.

Visit Escher Reality here.

Let’s focus on my review of Descript. I actually added names to each paragraph but when the file got uploaded to the Web that got stripped out. As you’ll see in the text file the accuracy isn’t all that high, but it’s difficult to be accurate with Ross’ speaking style (or mine).

That said, it worked very quickly and was easy to use. I hope they fix the bugs with uploading fixes to the text but I’m satisfied and it’s better than just having an audio-only file podcast.

Get Descript here.