WEYV aims at Spotify’s weaknesses

WEYV is a new music app for Android and iOS that lets you build custom playlists. Lets you get rid of explicit music that Spotify doesn’t let you get rid of from playlists (I hit that problem all the time when listening to the top 50 music which includes a lot of music with language I don’t like letting my sons listen to). It also lets you read a variety of magazines while listening to music. Here CEO Stephanie Scapa shows me around.

I love entrepreneurs who are audacious and who try to take on big, powerful companies and this is a good example of a company that probably won’t succeed, at least short term, against Spotify, Pandora, or Apple Music, but they are trying to bring something new to the table and by meeting with Stephanie I got some insights into the music and publishing business that will be useful in my book about marketing that I’m working on for the next year.

A personal note: next month I’ll be going to the Consumer Electronics Show, and will be building my new focus for 2018: helping entrepreneurs explain new technology shifts to all of you that will matter in the 2020s. More on that later as I get up another interview.

I’m still in a slowdown period as I spend more time this year with family and cleaning up my life but I can see a path to doing much more in 2018. I’ve been meeting with a lot of people off camera trying to discern where the tech industry is going, and where I should take my career. The past month I’ve been cleaning up my social media (unfollowed about 30,000 accounts thanks to the tool ManageFlitter, and blocked nearly 100,000 junk, or low value, accounts —  you can see my Twitter audit here). As always the best way to talk with me is over on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/RobertScoble

I’m also going to be more active on my blog, as I reschedule doing more interviews, like this one.