Fun playing with Drones while Elon announces a new freaking-fast roadster

Tonight I attended the Flying Robot Film Festival where we saw a ton of short movies all done, at least in part, with drones. More info on this film festival, which will be held in several cities, is here:

At the afterparty I shot this video.

While I was doing that Elon Musk was announcing a new truck and a new Roadster that goes 0-60 in under two seconds. I had the first ride in the first Roadster (he gave me a ride before he gave his best friend, Jason Calacanis, a ride) and back then he bragged that it could do 0-60 in only about four seconds. I still remember how much it felt like a rocket ship back then. This one must feel totally unreal.

The Verge has video of that up here: