Startups to pay attention to

This list of 29 start-ups that prove Silicon Valley innovation isn’t dead  on CNBC caught my eye in Nuzzel, which is my favorite tool for keeping track of what people are talking about in the social web.

But this is the kind of startup list I used to do in the old days and it caught my eye because all the companies use technology to bring something new to the table.

As I work on my marketing book I am looking even deeper because I don’t believe anymore that technology is enough in this very noisy age of social media. To compete with Trump’s tweets you have to have the story and marketing smarts to punch through.

Last night I hung out with some of tech’s most connected people (more on that later today) and they agree. It is a more difficult time now to get people to care about new companies, products, and ideas.

Will these be it? It is the best list of companies that will improve our lives I have seen lately.