Autodesk goes augmented, er, automated

You might not know Autodesk well, but nearly everything in your world, from movies to cars to skyscrapers to even the shoes you wear have been designed in Autodesk’s software.

Right now I’m on Twitter’s Periscope watching Autodesk’s CEO speaking at its big conference live right now. (Separate stream on Facebook is here).

And already he is talking about automation and augmented reality.

I’ve been talking a lot with employees and execs at Autodesk (recently gave a presentation on same to its executives) and it is working with all the augmented reality glasses manufacturers, from Microsoft HoloLens to Magic Leap. So watching what it’s doing is very interesting, even if most of its customers won’t be using it in augmented reality for years.

Watching live there were few announcements about augmented reality, rather it focused on automation as a trend in building new things. Even announced a fund aimed at helping retrain workers as more jobs become automated. Hint: how will that be done? Augmented reality.

Its customers showed how it was using AI and robots to augment jobs, er, automate them. Interesting that most of the things I’ve been talking to execs about weren’t shown. It’s almost as if Autodesk realizes that augmented reality’s year isn’t coming in 2018, so it didn’t need to force new AR functions out right now. Smart move, I think, because I’m seeing the same.