Learning more about our advertising future in Google Glass world

Google Glass welcome here

How could Google Glass change advertising? Well, today it was revealed that there might be a “pay per glaze” style of advertising.

Here I talk with Sahil Jain, CEO of AdStage, about the future of advertising. Interesting conversation.

Interesting conversation about what advertising might look like on Google Glass.

By the way, the photo here is from my brother’s bar. I believe his is the first bar to welcome Google Glass wearers. Story here.

This weekend I’ll be at a Google Glass hackathon. You can learn more here. The future of commerce, and all that, will definitely be on the table. Speaking of commerce, you really need to check out what Tapingo is doing. Imagine you are a college kid, you wake up, leave your dorm, and Google Glass asks you “would you like your usual coffee?” You answer “OK Glass, yes, have my regular coffee ready.” Tapingo has your order waiting at your favorite coffee shop. Don’t believe that can happen? It’s already happening on dozens of college campuses this fall. Check out the CEO explaining how it works:

Finally, Rackspace is laying some cash down to help make this future come about. At the Techcrunch Disrupt conference we will hold a Google Glass developer conference where we’ll give $10,000 cash to the winner. More details in about a week. But please join me there and let me know if you’d like to participate. scobleizer@gmail.com

I have arranged a $100 off discount code ScobledSF13 for Techcrunch Disrupt, too.

The future is coming, will your business be ready the way Tapingo and AdStage’s are?


7 thoughts on “Learning more about our advertising future in Google Glass world

  1. Ah yes, the cyborging of America’s youth continues. Hard-wiring the umblical cord so that it also functions as a USB cord will be next; then there’s the battery recharger, useful for when baby is a little too tired or cranky.


  2. Everyone is so obsessed about Google Glass and I don’t really get why. I think the glass won’t fill the expectations.It’s going to be descent work equipment no more. It’s just simply not suitable for everyday use and I don’t think ordinary people will buy it to wear everywhere. The main target audience will possibly be those people who can take advantage of using it es an equipment during work.


  3. Okay, I’ve been mildly supportive of Google Glass up until this, even though I’ve had two operations to get glasses OFF my face. But ads an inch away from my eye mean for sure I’ll never, ever accept that. It’s hard enough dealing with it in Google Search. Attached to my face is bad science fiction about idiotic hordes of the future.


  4. When your comments are deleted in some sort of communist fashion (against what Facebook believe in and anyone who believes in freedom of speech) who really wins in your head Robert? Can you explain why you don’t allow open conversations to all your followers and further yet, edit your posts to suit?


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