Well, hello WordPress 3.6

February? That’s the last time I posted here? Wild. I guess I fell into Facebook and Google+ and just haven’t been back. My numbers in both places continue to climb very quickly. Four million followers on Google+. 550,000 on Facebook. I’m the number one most followed on Flipboard. Same on Quora. So, I don’t think I made a bad choice. That said, I’ve cleaned up my WordPress blog. Went back to basics. I’ll be back soon to start talking about the book I’ve been writing with Shel Israel, titled the “Age of Context.” It’s going very well, just about finished with the content. Already have sold a few thousand copies, which is great since it won’t be out until late October. This weekend I’m off to see Australia’s startups for the first time. Anyway, thought I’d get a quick post up to see if the new WordPress 3.6 works and see if anyone is still watching this via RSS. If you are, please say hi.

UPDATE: I just wrote this over on Facebook about ye olde WordPress blog:

WordPress 3.6? Yeah. I haven’t blogged since February. I just posted and realized why I haven’t: blogging just seems so cold and lonely compared to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. I don’t think it matters to the millions of people who want to blog but it does to me. It’s the longest time in 12 years that I haven’t blogged.

I wonder if anyone still uses RSS to watch my blog’s feed?

I turned off all my non-essential plugins, deleted all the spam comments that were waiting for me, and turned on the latest WordPress theme that came out with the new WordPress 3.6.

Even with all the new cool features it still feels like work to blog when compared to typing out a quick post on Facebook. Blogging feels like it should only be for “important” stuff now, not quick little posts that I don’t really care if anyone reads.

Writer block. First world problems. All that.

At one point a few years back I figured I’d never be able to stop blogging. Turned out my life didn’t end. Heck, I’ve gotten invited to better conferences, have more email than ever, and my videos are getting viewed more often, etc.

Now I’m faced with: what’s my old blog for?