Two apps that show the depth of what Facebook shipped today

Mark Zuckerberg

Today Mark Zuckerberg announced a sweeping set of changes to Facebook. If you, for some weird reason, weren’t aware of the changes there’s LOTS of press coverage over on Techmeme. So, instead of rehashing that, I thought I’d go and talk with developers.

Here’s the insights from them. What are they? Color (a new kind of life-sharing app for mobile phones) and Social Reader (a new kind of social news reader from the Washington Post).

First, a look at Color. Yes, this is the app that was Silicon Valley’s biggest startup “failure” in quite a while. But here it’s back and back in a HUGE way. I really am having fun with this app, which is totally integrated into Facebook and does a lot more than the old version (live video, for instance). Really amazing. Sign up for the beta at

Note how they are using Facebook’s platform to hold ALL data. This is a new move for Silicon Valley startups.

Now, let’s look at the Social Reader, from Washington Post. This is a web-based app that sits entirely in Facebook. Now you can see what your friends are reading (and they can see what you are reading). Try that at

This is most cool.

These two apps show how EVERYTHING in your life will be touched by social technologies. Great stuff.