Shaker Brings New Interactivity to Facebook

The finalists at Techcrunch Disrupt are shaking… literally. In this video, I sit down with Shaker to give you a look at why I say this is going to be an important company in the social world. You’ll need a Facebook account to use this as it works in direct conjunction with the popular social site. I hung out for a while last night, shaking it on the bar and “buying” drinks for friends.

Shaker is a fun way to hang out with your friends and friends of friends. Make some new connections and chat with them one-on-one. There are a few features I’d like to see included in their next update, including a chat room of sorts. There needs to be a way to interact with everyone in the bar instead of only one person at a time. I’m hearing from my female friends that they would like to see customization options for their avatars. That’s not really as important to most guys, but women and teens will demand this option before they’ll embrace the service.

You can check out all of the companies who were the finalists for TechCrunch Disrupt and let me know who your favorite was.

Come join us over on the Google+ discussion to talk about Shaker in-depth and share your ideas for future iterations of the app.

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