I’m on vacation, check out these cool tech startups

I’m on vacation until June 20th. Say hi if you see me on a beach in Santa Monica or Laguna, which is where we’ll be hanging out.

In the meantime, last night I uploaded a bunch of videos for you to enjoy while I’m gone. I will make a best attempt to really stay off the Internet (I know I’ll fail, but I am going to try).

Twenty Feet lets you know more about your social media stats; I love Twenty Feet. Every morning it sends me an email and lets me know if something weird happened in my stats for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other places. For instance, did more of my videos get favorited than usual? Did more people subscribe or unsubscribe than usual?

Twimbow brings color to social media; Twimbow looks a bit like TweetDeck, but look again and you’ll see a colorfully different approach! By using colors you can uncover tweets and status messages from people and brands you care about. Here Luca Filigheddu, CEO of Twimbo, shows me what it does and what his philosophy is behind social media clients.

Intuit opens up platform to outside developers; Alex Barnett, group manager for developer relations at Intuit, shows me their new platform for developers to build functionality into Intuit’s products. ZDnet wrote more about it here. This is called “Intuit Anywhere,” a series of widgets and data services that connect QuickBooks Online data to applications outside of the company’s marketplace.

ShopKeep brings an iPad-based Cash Register to life (and Web, and Mac and PC); Are you a small retail store? Do you need a better cash register? Well, ShopKeep.com visited me yesterday and showed me their new system and explained why it works better than other PC-based cash registers. Plus, they have one that works on your favorite devices. Learn more at http://shopkeep.com/

Microsoft Business Intelligence “Power Pivot” tool for looking at Tweet data; Bruno Aziza of Microsoft’s Microsoft’s Business Intelligence group recently filmed me for BI TV at http://www.microsoft.com/bi/en-us/Community/Pages/BITV.aspx Here I turned the camera on him and he is showing off a free tool for looking at data from Tweets and business meetings inside Excel. Get it at http://www.powerpivot.com/

In-depth look: Genwi app creator for iPhone, Android, and iPad; Do you want to easily create apps for iPhone, Android, and iPad all at once without much coding experience? Lots of businesses do. Here I get an in-depth look at a very useful tool, Genwi with CEO PJ Gurumohan. Learn more at http://isites.us/ and follow them on Twitter at https://twitter.com/#!/GENWI_iSites

Trend Spottr finds trends in your tweets; A real-time analytics service that identifies & curates the top trending content from Twitter and Facebook for any search term or topic of interest. Here Mark Zohar, CEO, shows it off to me. Really useful for Twitter freaks like me! Follow them on Twitter at https://twitter.com/#!/trendspottr

Big Live: fostering real-time interactions around content; Producers of online video content are always looking for ways to get their audience more involved and more engaged beyond just leaving comments. By leveraging the social network, Big Live is providing a solution that fosters real-time discussion among audiences.


18 thoughts on “I’m on vacation, check out these cool tech startups

  1. Is YouTube having a new secret technology that picks preview images where people look strange and make a funny face? 🙂

    Please take a look at my new startup StorageRoom, a CMS for Mobile Applications (http://storageroomapp.com).


  2. Have a nice vacation! I hope you succeed in staying of the internet, I know how hard it is 🙂 Thanks for the video’s, again I see a lot of items I’ve never heard of so I will definitely check them out!


  3. Wish I had found this blog before today. The advices in this posts are very helpful and I surely will read the other posts of this series too.Thank you for posting this. Your Blog is Bookmarked.


  4. There are some
    very great sources here and thank you for being so kind to post them here. So
    we can read them and give our opinion on subject.


  5. A real-time analytics service that identifies curates the top trending content from Twitter and Facebook for any search term or topic of interest. Here Mark Zohar, CEO, shows it off to me.



  6. …we were just discussing the using an iPad-based POS today and had visited Shopkeep.com. I’m so happy to see you’re thinking ahead of us and giving us a sneak peak at the developers behind the app. Bravo Robert!

    Best regards, Mitch


  7. I found it interesting that 5 of 8 of these companies focus on some kind of tool to improve social media.  There’s a serious something around the marketing efforts being applied to social networking.  I read a study (Pew Study?) that said marketing spend in social media is growing at a 63% clip per year…and that social media is expected to get the most improvement in marketing effectiveness over the next 3 years (among ALL other channels). 

    Ultimately, I think the trick is going to be figuring out how to turn all this social marketing into an ROI that can be measured so that people can actually SEE the benefit.  Right now it feels like a lot of experimenting…which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

    Thanks for the links!


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