A visit to Silicon Valley’s hot new hardware company: hyper energy-efficient microserver maker SeaMicro

1/4 the power. 1/4 the space. 4x the compute. Server of the future. SeaMicro. Wild.

Yesterday I visited a remarkable new Silicon Valley company that’s getting lots of attention: SeaMicro. What do they do? They build “microservers” for datacenters. Sounds boring, right? But this company is anything but. They got two of the biggest VCs on board, Steve Jurvetson and Vinod Khosla. They have tons of customers who are praising them. Yesterday eHarmony’s CTO told me they are using SeaMicro servers and are extremely happy. And they’ve been all over the business press as being one of the fastest growing hardware companies Silicon Valley has ever seen.

Why is everyone hot and bothered by SeaMicro?

Because its servers give you compute 1/4 the power utilitization and 1/4 the space as other servers. I had to see for myself, and in this video CEO Andrew Feldman shows me around their test datacenters and explains their technology and why they are kicking the behind of Dell, HP, and others. Sorry for the noise, but it’s a bit noisy when you have a room with thousands of servers in it.