Twylah lets media brands and celebrities monetize their Twitter stream

I’ve never understood why the world’s media give Twitter so much free PR. You know what I mean? When you’re watching TV and some announcer says “follow us on Twitter.”

I’ve seen this over and over and over. Heck, I’ve done it here on this blog, too. It’s basically a gift of free advertising to Twitter. For me? Not a big deal, after all, my whole life is about telling you about cool new services. But for a brand like ESPN or CNN? That is wasteful and, worse, puts their media distribution in the hands of someone who doesn’t have their best interests at heart.

What’s a better idea? Twylah has it. For instance, instead of me sending you to Twitter, I could say “follow my Tweets on Twylah.”

Why does that make more sense?

1. It helps your SEO on Google and Bing.
2. It presents tweets in a much friendlier format.
3. It presents more monetization opportunities (there’s space for an ad there).
4. It lets you put this on your own domain, so your readers never need to leave your site.
5. You have control of what shows up and they won’t be distracted by other people’s tweets the way they would be if they signed into Twitter.
6. You get great stats about what your readers are clicking on.

Here Twylah founder, Eric Kim, shows you more about this when he visited my house to talk about media brands, Twylah, and Twitter. In the video you can also see what my Twitter stream looks like.


9 thoughts on “Twylah lets media brands and celebrities monetize their Twitter stream

  1. Great video Eric with Rob. I included Twylah in my blog post today and retweeted the link. You are doing great work. Twylah has come a long way. Great job Eric


  2. I see a business model with developing content oriented marketing for local merchants. For example, a sporting goods store could curate the Twitter feeds covering youth sports in a city and publish a media rich newspaper that would involve the sports community, exactly what a sporting goods store wants to do.


  3. Very exciting, I could see great potential of using this for my @ilovetrance:twitter account. Thanks to @4d1e83aeed1c0613520cb1a0531896b6:disqus for the heads up on this fantastic video.


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