First look: CloudFlare Apps make web applications faster and safer (dramatically so in some cases)

Do you own a website or blog, like I do? Is it as fast as it absolutely could be? I thought so, after all, my site is hosted at Rackspace where we have huge datacenters and huge pipes and a great CDN.

Last week CloudFlare visited me and showed me even my site isn’t as fast as it could be. That opened my eyes.

CloudFlare’s CEO, Matthew Prince, and Michelle Zatlyn, co-founder, explained how they make sites faster and showed me a new “CloudFlare Apps” feature. Before this came out web apps require website owners to change code, potentially decreasing performance and increasing security risks (that’s one reason why I don’t have a ton of WordPress plugins on my blog). But with CloudFlare Apps it allows web apps to be activated without requiring code changes and it works with app providers to ensure that they perform as well as possible and don’t create conflicts with other code. Announcing today are these apps:

* VigLink (affiliate links)
* Clicky (real-time website analytics)
* Apture (contextual search)
* Smartling (language translation)
* Monitis (site and server monitoring)
* UserVoice (customer engagement tools)
* Pingdom (website uptime monitoring)
* SnapEngage (live chat)
* ExceptionHub (JavaScript error tracking)
* Zoompf (web performance scanning)
* Typekit (web fonts)
* GlobalSign HackAlert (malware detection)
* WatchMouse (site performance monitoring)
* TRUSTe (privacy seal)
* Haileo (video and image advertising)
* Skimlinks (affiliate links)
* StopTheHacker (malware detection)
* Google Analytics (website analytics)
* Google Webmaster Central (website validation)

We’re evaluating using it here, what do you think? How much faster did it make your site?

In the video they explain how it works, why it protects your databases from crawlers, and how it makes sites much faster.


12 thoughts on “First look: CloudFlare Apps make web applications faster and safer (dramatically so in some cases)

  1. We are happy to be one of the launch CloudFlare apps! In fact, I scanned using Zoompf’s technology and there are a lot of performance problems:

    Don’t feel bad. TechCrunch Disrupt is full of problems too:


  2. They’ve got a massive stable of websites using the service and rock solid testimonials, many from well known and highly respected industry gurus and companies. Apart from just giving them a try as Robert suggested (they’ve got a free tier), you can further research them by browsing their website at where you’ll find more than enough technical information to give you a high level view of the concepts they’re leveraging.


  3. @Scobleizer:disqus What do I think? That after seeing @twitter-85355899:disqus ‘s analysis, your evaluation will be very easily decided…. 😉


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  5. Been using them for the last six months – cannot say enough good things about them.  Had a few bumps in the road at the beginning (my site server is in Europe) but their support was – and is –  awesome. 


  6. Just got signed up! Awesome service I wish I had known about you guys earlier. I was impressed with how easy it is to setup and the instant results. You guys need to mention that Google weighs page-speed in their search algorithm. Faster sites will do better at SEO. That was the main selling point for me!


  7. “What if the CMS updates or what if the plugins update to the latest
    version? Can this tool still make web application faster and safer?”

    CloudFlare will work with any CMS platform. You would still want to make sure you upgrade your CMS or plugins to the latest versions to make sure they are secure.


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