First look: Do@, a more useful mobile search

One of the coolest things I saw at last December’s LeWeb was Do@. They showed it to me behind closed doors and asked me to keep it secret, but it really is a great new way to do searches on your mobile phone.

Why is it more useful than Google?

Because it takes you to the services themselves instead of just a list of lame lists. You gotta see this in action. It should now be available in the iTunes app store. Only for iOS right now.


4 thoughts on “First look: Do@, a more useful mobile search

    1. Hi Gordon, I work with do@ and wanted to let you know that there were a few people who reported some glitches very early on (and I note by the timing of your comment that you tried this right at launch). We have iterated the product already and would love it if you would give it another go. Feel free to contact me directly cathy[at]doat[dot]com … I’ll hope to hear from you!


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