The tablet and mobile news war just keeps getting hotter; Exclusive first look at new SkyGrid

You might use Flipboard, Zite, Feedly, or one of the other news apps on an iPad or your mobile device. This space just keeps getting hotter and hotter, probably due in no small part to Flipboard’s $50 million in funding they collected in the last month.

I keep playing with all of them, Flipboard is my favorite for reading news that my friends bring me on Twitter or Facebook, Feedly is my favorite for following RSS feeds, but Skygrid has earned a favorite spot on my iPad for finding me news about things I’m interested in, but less knowledgeable or connected on. Today that got even better as Skygrid rolls out a new iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch app that is easier to use, more powerful, but does an even better job at helping you find the latest news.

Why is Skygrid so good? Because for years now CEO Kevin Pomplun and his team have been building algorithms to outrun Google News and Yahoo on finding the latest news. He’s been on my show three times now, which he’s earned by having the best news back-end in the business. I’ve found that I use it in conjunction with Flipboard, what do you think? Has it earned a spot on your iPad?

Anyway, here’s an exclusive first look at SkyGrid’s new app and discussion with Kevin about how the news world is heating up.


2 thoughts on “The tablet and mobile news war just keeps getting hotter; Exclusive first look at new SkyGrid

  1.  this feels like hackers news like it was meant to be. ’nuff said. Delivering serendipity. 

    Downloaded and keeping it. This is going to help me a lot with my blogging :). Between pulse, twitter, summify and now this I think I’m reaching a stage where I can actually focus on the mainstream news and keep an eye on the “quiet gems” that would otherwise go past unnoticed.PS (I just love watching the twitter stream flowing in the background 😀 ).


  2.  as a PR person, this is great! it all comes to me. My job keeps getting easier and easier…


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