First look: Scrible, cool new web research, curation, collection tool

Just released today, Scrible (spelled weird), caught my eye at yesterday’s Founder Conference in Mountain View, so I pulled CEO Victor Karkar aside into a noisy cafe to see more.

What does this do? Well, it lets you markup the web. But you really need to see this one. When I first heard Victor describe it I almost wrote it off. I’m glad I didn’t.

See, we often have times when we need Scrible. Here’s some:

1. Looking for a new home, or place to rent. You’ll collect 50 to 200 different places that you want to talk with your friends and family about and compare. Scrible lets you collect all those web pages into one place.
2. Going on vacation? We have just planned out a vacation to Los Angeles in June. My wife, Maryam, looked through hundreds of different rental properties and apartments. She collected them all in email, but that’s a lame place to really do this kind of collection. Scrible is a LOT better.
3. Student research. Looking through the web and online books for information to use in a paper like my son often does for his high school classes? Well, he can pull out quotes and other information, mark them up, and save them into Scrible. After his research is done he can export all these quotes to a document.

But there’s more, and it’s the kind of tool that a simple read of a blog won’t really do it justice. Sorry for the noisy atmosphere in the cafe, but take a look.