Exclusive first look: Jive’s new app store (social enterprise wars heating up)

Last night Jive gave me an exclusive first look at its new app store. Here it is. What is Jive? It competes with Yammer, Salesforce Chatter, SocialCast, SocialText, among others.

Why does this matter? Well, big companies right now are deciding on which social service they will choose. Rackspace, for instance, has 3,000 employees and is deciding on those in the next few weeks. What’s at stake? Well, some of these charge about $5 per seat per month, so for the Rackspace account alone there’s $15,000 per month in play. Big bucks, if you take that through the Fortune 500.

Already Jive has won more than its fair share of big accounts. Intel, Cisco, Nike are using it, amongst others.

So here we get a good look at what Jive and its partners are doing in five videos and an audio recording.

First, the audio recording. Here I talk to two execs about how a company, like Rackspace, should evaluate these services.


Next I talk with Robin Bordoli who runs the app store for Jive. He gives me a video demo and gives some more details.

Finally, I interview four partners, who talk about what this means to them:

RoundPegg (HR uses them to better hire):

SlideRocket (better presentation tool for collaboration than PowerPoint):

Rypple (HR uses them to better measure employees):

Gliffy, which lets employees build flowcharts and diagrams with each other:


10 thoughts on “Exclusive first look: Jive’s new app store (social enterprise wars heating up)

  1. You should check out Qontext too. It adds a social layer to all business applications and enables collaboration within them – along with a social intranet. Disclaimer: I am an employee 🙂


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