First video look: awesome new 3D GoPro camera system

The company closest to my house is GoPro (the headquarters are literally 200 yards from my house) and so when I heard they are shipping a new 3D video camera system, mostly aimed at sports types, tomorrow I had to go over and get the details.

These are the cameras that the Discovery Channel used to stick you inside a shark’s mouth, amongst other things.

But don’t miss the entrepreneurial story behind this company: it was started in Nicholas Woodman’s parent’s house and his VW bus with his mom’s sewing machine and a few thousand dollars.

Anyway, this just ran on Rackspace’s Building43. Here’s the article and video first look:


Whether through footage from the miners’ rescue in Chili, a heli-skier blazing through virgin snow or a surfer gliding through a barrel of water, chances are you’ve seen images captured by a GoPro camera. Today, we’re going to learn more about the company and get a sneak peak at their new, 3D camera scheduled for release April 4th.

“I started GoPro back in 2002 originally to make it easier for surfers to shoot photos while they’re surfing [via GoPro’s] wrist camera,” explains Nicholas Woodman, Founder and CEO of GoPro. “Now, almost 9 years later, GoPro is the world leader in wearable cameras for sports.”

GoPro’s original, waterproof camera was designed to be strapped to the user’s wrist. The thinking behind it was to have a camera readily available to capture those perfect shots in a way that didn’t impede on the user’s enjoyment of his/her sport. That philosophy continues to drive innovation today as GoPro is set to release its 3D Hero System, which uses innovative housing and synchronization cables to combine two HD Hero cameras in a way that produces 3D video and photos. The housing will be available this week for $99, which includes the synchronization cables and associated software.

“One of our goals is the build the world’s most versatile camera,” says Woodman. “There are so many sports, activities and passions that people have that we wanted to make a camera that you can use for anything but that works really, really well for anything.”

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7 thoughts on “First video look: awesome new 3D GoPro camera system

  1. In addition to being a top selling consumer camera, GoPro’s HD HERO camera is used by more professional production crews in the broadcast and film industry than any other camera in its class. GoPro and CineForm will be exhibiting in two booths at the upcoming National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) conference in Las Vegas from April 11 – 15th. GoPro will be located in booth number C9525 and CineForm will be in booth SL6929.


  2. It really is the most versatile camera I’ve used. I purchased my a couple of years ago when they first came out really just for skiing. Since then I’ve used it scuba diving, pool parties, mud volcanoes in Colombia, dancing with my daughter, biking, etc. If you can attach it to something, you can film it. It’s that awesome. Just wish they had a wireless LCD software for phones much like the Contour just came out with.


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