Historical video: the early days of Twitter (the two who got me on it)

Eddie Codel and Irina Slutsky played a big role in my life: they got me on Twitter. How did that happen? Well, for one, they were my employees back when we worked together at PodTech.

Eddie and Irina were the ones who first showed me Dodgeball, too (which was started by Dennis Crowley, who later started Foursquare, another important service in my life too).

I remember being proud that they got an interview with Twitter’s original team back then. I had no clue that would become a historical video.

You really should watch how they talk about Twitter. Remember, back when this video was shot there was fewer than 15,000 people on the service and there was ONLY 122,000 updates TOTAL on the service. They get millions per day now. Heck, I alone have done 50,000 tweets now.

By the way, back at Podtech (and, actually, at every job I’ve had) we had HUGE arguments about video length. Back then everyone thought that videos should be two minutes long to get best viewership. I said “hogwash.”

I’m glad I held my ground and protected long videos like this. Otherwise we wouldn’t have had such a historic video to look back on.

So, Eddie and Irina, got anything else we should check out?


10 thoughts on “Historical video: the early days of Twitter (the two who got me on it)

  1. very cool look into the early stages of a impressive company! Thanks Robert for keeping this and thanks for PodTech for making this possible. whatever happened to PodTech?


  2. That just seems like eons ago! I “met” Eddie Codel on an email list, and Irina in person through you:-) The march of time…I met Jeremiah and John Furrier when you were at PodTech, too.


  3. I think you should have included the anniversary video of twitter. I don’t know if it is in Youtube but it would definitely make this post better. Thanks for sharing this video by the way.


  4. Thanks for this historical piece of awesome.

    Is it me or does Jack seem like ‘the guy’ behind twitter; also thinking about the original drawing of twitter on the notepad.


  5. Well, there’s that tour of your mom’s basement in Montana but I don’t know if anyone would want to see that. Here’s one: After everyone downloads Firefox 4 later today, they should check out this demo of realtime 3D graphic and audio capabilities of Mozilla’s HTML5 implementation. @tbx tipped me off to this. Pretty cool stuff.



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