What’s the best SXSW app? So far, for me, it’s LocalMind

I’ve seen a TON of different location-based apps in the past two weeks. But today I was introduced to one that actually is useful AT SXSW: LocalMind. What does it do? It lets you ask questions of people who are around town. “Are they still serving free beer?” you might ask, for instance. Back comes an answer.

Here founder Lenny Rachitsky showing it to me in the hallway.

What caught my eye about this? It’s like Quora and Foursquare got together and had a baby.

It shows you people who have checked in with Foursquare and have LocalMind open near you, in the past few minutes, and then you can ask them questions. Right now I’m using it and there’s dozens of different venues with people checked in right now at them. I can ask them questions, like, “how long is the line for the Mashable party?” and get an answer back right away.

After SXSW I can see asking things like “who is playing at the Ritz bar tonight?” or “how crowded is it at the Metreon?”

They have a web version, although the iPhone version is nicer.

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19 thoughts on “What’s the best SXSW app? So far, for me, it’s LocalMind

  1. I know it’s a question that warrants some wise remarks, but any chance you’ll be rolling something out for Blackberry?


  2. Sounds like a great app Robert! Kudos to localmind.com đŸ˜‰

    By the way mate, what camera did you use for this recording? Looks great!


  3. Well it seems like it will be a great app really. I think this app will be useful for people who travels every now and then so they will be able to ask people about their destinations.


  4. If this app can get just a little bit of traction it’s going to crush it … uses other people’s location services as a feature of their app (a feature that could pretty easily be replaced if required, I might add). As Robert says, only one of a handful of interesting uses for location seen/discovered to date.

    The founder comports himself well also … predict good things.


  5. agreed, one of the best use of location based services, right now it does not have many users using it, it was great at sxsw since there were all early adopters (although there were some trollish answers), challenge is to get all foursquare or gowalla or facebook places users to sign up for it. To be honest this app has more potential than foursquare or other check-in services, wonder how this will play out if localmind starts getting successful


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