Ready for iPad2: Flipboard’s CEO, Mike McCue, exclusive video interview

Flipboard CEO, Mike McCue

Mike McCue has had quite a year. Since launching last year he’s:

1. Won Apple’s best iPad app of the year award.
2. Been on Oprah.
3. Racked up more than a million downloads.
4. Been named to Twitter’s board of directors.

Tonight Flipboard released a new version that adds a few new features:

1. Instagram photo support.
2. Much faster performance (and that’s before the iPad 2 comes along, which will double speed).
3. Make it easier to discover new content via searches.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what will come this year from Flipboard as they start rolling in new filtering and discovery technology that they purchased with the Ellerdale Project acquisition they made.

In the 30-minute interview Mike talks about the new competition that Flipboard is seeing and also explains how they will do advertising and where they are heading.

Toward the end of the interview Mike takes us around the office and introduces us to what everyone is doing.


13 thoughts on “Ready for iPad2: Flipboard’s CEO, Mike McCue, exclusive video interview

  1. Definitely, some cool new features. The most amazing thing about Flipboard to me is how they’ve basically built this generic layout system that lets them plugin any source without needing to modify the original product. Now all they have to do is keep their heads down, and keep plugging new services into it so that you’ll be browse, and search virtually any of your networks.

    To me, the ability to search across all your sources is really interesting. I’ve been working on an iPhone app called Scoutly (in Alpha) that lets you do something similar, letting you search over 25 different sources. I hate to mention it because it’s not complete yet (sharing, and 10 more services coming), but Mike mentioned how no one has touched on that area yet, so I thought I would just throw that out there. It’s no Flipboard, but still a cool way to search across a lot of sources at once (for all the geeks out there!). Sorry for the plug everyone, but I thought it was relevant to the video.

    Go Flipboard!


  2. I am sorry but where is the proof, or justification, in your claims that the iPad 2 will double the speed of any application?

    Like you I have had a little time on an iPad 2 and although it is quick it is still limited by RAM, internet connectivity, application design and the quality if the coding.


    1. “and the quality if the coding.”

      IF the coding? You gamer/loser/hater creeps always screw it up, don’t you?


      1. My apologies a little type.

        No I don’t hate Apple, the iPad, or Steve Jobs, I got access to an iPad 2 because I work for a development studio that is working for clients on iPad specific apps.


  3. Robert, this is a repost since my original comment I made last night has not yet posted here.

    Do you know what developers mean when they say they use HTML5. Is it that they just create the shell in iOS native code for basic animation and they download all the data in HTML5 from their servers.

    For example on Flipboard the popups are native code but the content inside is HTML5 code.

    Great interview. Thank you.


    1. Whenever someone says they are using HTML5, it means that content could display well in a modern web browser and that it wasn’t designed to only run on the iPhone. It’s a good architectural choice to make because then supporting other platforms is much easier in the future (since you don’t need to recompile all your content, only the app that embeds web display technology inside.


  4. This guy is really going to go far! I think since he has been on Oprah that is the start of his billion dollar journey! lol Thanks for sharing the interview here.


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